CSS – Part III

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Here I have brought some @Rules which are used with page,  usage along with examples are given below..it will help u a lot.


Import @import url(uri) [ {  all |  screen |  print }  [ , … ] ] @import url(/styles/core.css);@import url(/styles/print.css)  print;
Page @page [ :first |  :left |  :right | identifier ]  { margin |  size |  marks } @page { margin: 0.5in; }@page :left { margin-right: 0.75in; }
Media @media {  all |  screen |  print } [ , … ]  { rules } @media print { #menu { display: none; } }
font-face @font-face { font-family |  src } @font-face { font-family: “Robson Celtic”; src: url(http://site/fonts/rob-celt”); }
charset @charset charset @charset “ISO-8859-1”;


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Here I am Presenting a model of a box , here i have shown that what attributes you can use with a box…

CSS- Cascading Style Sheets – PART I

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Hello Readers.

I often face some problems when i use CSS like I forget tag names etc,. To overcome this i have brought some quick references for you.

First for newcomers we should begin with basics:

1. Selectors

* All elements
E All E elements
E, F All E and F elements
E F All F elements within Eelements
E > F All F elements with parent Eelements
E + F All F elements preceded by Eelements
.class All elements with class class
E.class All E elements with class class
#identifier Element with id identifier
E#identifier Element E with id identifier
E[attr] All E elements with attribute attr
E[attr=’value’] All E elements when attributeattr is equal to value
E[attr~=’value’] All E elements when attributeattr is a list containing value
E[attr|=’value’]  All E elements when attributeattr is a list beginning with value

2. Lengths and Percentage

0 Zero (unit is optional)
em 1em = font size of parent
ex 1ex = height of an ‘x’
px Pixels
% Percentage
cm Centimeters
mm Millimeters
in Inches, 1in = 2.54cm
pt Points, 1pt = 1/72in
pc Picas, 1pc = 12pt